July 5, 2021

Creativity is a universal way to explore the purpose of who we are, and what our mission in life is. It opens up a lane to share your gift with others, which sets the stage for creative people to build together. Part of our mission here at Embraced Wellness is getting better together, and opening up the door for healers to feel loved and supported behind the work they have to offer. Every leader has a purposeful path and part of that is to connect with more likeminded individuals who share the same passion and drive to help others. When you have a strong support system that aligns with your life purpose, you are more likely to stay connected to the things that keep you working towards the bigger picture. The love and the happiness they bring speaks to a feeling we sometimes are not able to put into words. Instead, there is an overwhelming sense of joy behind the work, that creates a flow your spirit can trust. This highlights the beauty of a collaborative space, and sheds more light on the importance of having a strong network to support your life mission. Together is always better! When you need support, you know you have it. Healers are meant to link arms to better serve those in need. The love, the drive, and the passion it takes to uplift others can take a toll on one’s spirit. As a healer I’ve found it more powerful to work alongside others who understand the workload, and are willing to work together to break down social and emotional barriers. Although there are many healing modalities out there to help people, they all serve one purpose. They are put in place to pour into the lives of those who are not able to do it alone. The real shift happens when there is a collective effort and understanding of the work that lies ahead. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and personally understand what it takes to heal from being wounded. It took multiple people in the field of mental health, to help me get through and bring me to a better place spiritually. To now be in a position to heal others, I am honored and feel so privileged to be here. As Co-Founder of Embraced Wellness and Life Coach/Youth Advocate, I am beyond excited to help bring more awareness to the importance of mental health in St. Pete and all surrounding communities. 


Better Together,